? United way of Delhi

Our Mission

To improve lives in a measurable, scalable and sustainable way by mobilizing the caring power of Delhi.

Our Vision

“United Way Delhi National Capital Region” will be a leader in creating and supporting strategic initiatives and convening partners to generate systemic and sustainable improvements in the communities. We will be recognized as a trusted steward and will be accountable for planned outcomes.

Our Approach to Fulfillment

United Way Delhi believes that to truly bring about sustainable change in our communities we must build synergies and work in partnership with NGOs, Foundations, Corporate bodies, Government and Volunteers, thus collectively achieving more than any one organization could do by working alone. We endeavor to understand the concerns of the communities we operate in, identify critical issues and develop implementable strategies and work towards eliminating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, thus maximizing the return on investment and achieving specific and measurable results. To achieve such results, we will actively mobilize resources (financial, human and in-kind support) through donors and keep their interests connected to the programs that are implemented.

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